Thank you for all your kinds words after the last post. HUGS! I love you guys.

I'm not mentioning any names...but some mysterious person in our family is turning 6 years old next week!! OK, you guessed it, it's ELLIE! Happy Birthday Ellie!!

I've had a lot of questions about her, so I thought this would be a great time to give you the scoop on my sweet buddy.

BREED:  Havanese      

AGE: 6          WEIGHT: 5 LBS        

SHEDS?:  Never       BARKS?:  Hardly ever

EATS:  EN canned food from the vet      

TREATS: Yes, please, bacon preferred, popcorn accepted


Ellie is a Havanese. I'm usually asked, a what?? Is that a mix of something? Nope, she's a full bred Havanese, which is the best little dog breed EVER! This breed doesn't shed, rarely barks and has the best temperament of any dog I've ever seen. I had never heard of the breed previously, but found it when I googled 'non-shedding small dog, good with kids'. Hubby and I both have allergies so we have to have a 'hypoallergenic' breed that doesn't shed.

Cats are cute too, but they make my eyes swell shut.

Ellie is on the small side at 5 lbs for a Havanese. They are usually closer to 8-10 lbs. We got Ellie when she was a year old, so we already knew she would stay small. She was extremely timid and literally didn't bark one time during the first year that we had her. She wouldn't play fetch, or anything for that matter, she basically just clung to my side from day one.  I often wondered if she was abused or possibly in a puppy mill at one time because she had no idea how to play at all. After becoming fast friends, if I have to leave her, she howls. HOWLS. This coming from the non-barking dog was quite startling. I didn't believe Hubby and thought he was just trying to be dramatic, but then he videotaped her. She even howls sometimes if she's home with the rest of the family and I leave. I'm her person.

Which is why I have a big purse and hide her in there when I'm on the go as much as possible. She just sits contently with her little head barely sticking out.

Did you know JoAnn's Fabric made me leave because I had sweet Ellie in my purse?

"They didn't!"

Oh, Yes. They. Did. 

I wasn't even done shopping. JoAnn didn't sell as much fabric as she could have that day.

Everywhere else I go (I do draw the line at food establishments) welcomes her completely. In fact, she's so stinkin' cute, I have to allow for extra time for all the people who want to stop and pet her. 

After she settled in to our family, she nows insists on playing fetch, going for walks, etc. She tucks Bear into bed every night and is his constant companion when he's in trouble. Which is a lot, haha! :) It would be hard for anyone to find a sweeter, more well behaved family member than her.

Seriously. You must adopt her twin sister

Just don't take her into JoAnn's Fabric. Did I mention we got kicked out of there? Just as I was discovering those cinnamon scented pinecones and all?

Ok, I like to joke about my JoAnn's Fabric experience, (sigh), but I understand that they have policies and I just waltzed in and broke the rules. I'm not usually such a wild rebel. So seriously, nothing against JAF.

But guess what!

Hobby Lobby loves dogs.

I know!

I knew I loved that place. And their scented pinecones are probably half off.




Hello dahlings. Today I am modeling my new tweed dress with my fabulous pink flower accent that I got for my birthday.  I'm totally wearing it to Hobby Lobby.

Hello dahlings. Today I am modeling my new tweed dress with my fabulous pink flower accent that I got for my birthday.  I'm totally wearing it to Hobby Lobby.